Educational Change

It’s an exciting time in our online community. EDUBLOG awards are announced, and ISTE 2012 proposals are being accepted. Things are all a’twitter on TWITTER as we share in one another’s joys and disappointments. So what does this mean to someone who is not an award-winning blogger, but someone who is just starting out? This is a great starting place to view what some say are the “best of the best” in terms of educational blogs. It’s a great starting place for someone who is considering starting up a Twitter account… see what everyone’s talking about. 

The OTHER excitement is the convocation so-to-speak of a way-cool group of colleagues who, as of today, become MEDIA SPECIALISTS. Through three challenging and enlightening (often controversial, always engaging) courses, we have found our way to the fork in the road. We have been challenged to visit many paths of those who have come before us- educational leaders- and explore the realm of educational change. With the likes of Dr. Allan Luke, Michael Fullen and Sir Ken Robinson as touchstones in our thinking, we have taken a deep metacognitive examination of what the past, present and future of education can and should be. Moreover… our phenomenal leader (Tania Sterling) pushed us to discover our individual place within this framework.

Good stuff.

So as we finish off the delicious dialogue that has been so much a part of our daily lives for many months (how wonderful to find most of our PART 2 group together again for the Specialist component!)… we are armed with the tangible template of our Educational Change Action Plan. We are challenged to put our money where our mouth is, to go back to the basics of media literacy- constructs, messages, marketing…. and apply the complex ideologies to our roles within the our schools, school boards, and communities. I am most hopeful this will continue, in some format, in our online connections as well. (Baited hook- if you are an #ETFOAQ Media Specialist… comment now!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about ancient civilizations as of late- and our progression in story-telling– and as a promise to a colleague I promise to blog on this soon. But for now, for this Friday of COMPLETION… I want to say that with complete sincerity, I am thankful and hopeful.

Cheers, Specialists!


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