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I love when more than one of my passions come together. Here, art and technology converge.

One of my colleagues at Dryden High School challenged herself to dive deep into the tech world as she created a technology-rich culminating assignment in her art classes. Combining the benefits of the traditional art portfolio with a desire to learn (and teach) something new, Laurie Lyle chose to create her own art blog to demonstrate the perks of sharing in a new way. With some support to get started, she really did take ownership of the self-directed learning by seeking video tutorials and other online examples from which to base her next steps. And though she’s the first to say it’s still a work in progress, what she’s come up with is nothing short of awesome.

On another technology tour I did last month, I met a twitter acquaintance who caught my eye a while back because of her art/technology connections. Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR)  is an art teacher at Nipigon Red Rock District High School. She has taken her class with her on the art/technology expedition through multiple platforms, including her own blog, their digital portfolios, and even YouTube videos such as these.


as technology teacher who also happens to wear many hats, my friend Katie Birch (@katiipai) has recently begun doing Visual Arts in primary grades for prep coverage. She is loving the documentation of the works students produce with stop-frame animation and apps such as iMotionHD.

As we look at the Arts- all of them- there are endless ways to integrate the use of technology in teaching and learning. What are some of the ways you are using tech to enhance or transform your work in the Arts?






(FYI- this was a prompt used to demonstrate the first steps in creating an art blog with Laurie, as described above. All it takes is a desire to try something new and some time to do it! THANK you to Katie, Colleen and Laurie for your great work with students, and the “okay” to share your great work here!)


Some of my favourite art is big and messy. I really like papier mache and have enjoyed creating bowls like these in art classes.

It's fun to use both paper and fabric when making bowls
It’s fun to use both paper and fabric when making bowls

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