Global Read Aloud- Day 1

Today marks the very beginning of this year’s Global Read Aloud, and my grade 7’s are on fire!! If #GRA14 is new to you, here it is in a nutshell:

It’s a global book club.

For kids.

The purpose: to make as many connections as possible.

So the reason my students are going bananas, is because we had the first chapter of our new book READ ALOUD by the actual AUTHOR.  How cool is that?  You can check it out here:

On the Global Read Aloud site we have provided basic information on who we are, where we’re from, so that we may connect with other classes from anywhere in the world. We can’t wait to make those connections and to potentially share our learning via video or text with students from other areas.

So today, after Lynda Mulally Hunt read the first chapter for us, we hopped on our shared Google Doc and did a quick write where each student was asked to comment on these two items:

Things I know about foster care        and     Predictions I can make about the book

I’ll share the document shortly, but promised three students a little more time when they get home today to finish up. (I see one on the doc right now.)

But because I cannot wait…

Here are a few of their unedited responses:

I dont know mutch about foster homes but I think that if child does not know about there real parents let them know


One thing I know about foster homes is that is that some parents treat some kids better than others. I also know that you really want to go back with your real family.


I know that it can be a lot of fun learning and doing a lot of things but it can also be a little sad because you might never see your real family or you might miss your real family.

All I know is that you dont get to choose


I know quite a bit of foster care because my friend foster cared some kids and its usually with kids who have an illness or who are sick


One thing I know about Foster care is that I am in a foster home for 8 years now,It does get boring and you will start to lose hope about going and living back with your real family after a period of time.


I only know a few things about foster care like that the foster parents get the house checked because it has to be safe for the foster children and you  need to have places for them to sleep thats pretty much all i know and i know it because i might do respite and we had a person check our house.


I, like the munchkins, am so darn excited about this book. About this process. About the possibilities of sharing and connecting and learning with people in other communities and challenging ourselves to learn in a new and awesome way. All in one swoop we are engaged in reading, critically thinking about the content, connecting with one another, collaborating on a product, and developing digital and global citizenship skills.

“hashtag, I love my job”


PS- want to join in on the fun? It’s not too late to sign up, it runs for 6 weeks. and today was day one. Stay tuned as we continue to capture and share our learning.


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