Connecting (our) Educators

It’s a tricky thing, choosing how/when/where to share online. I talk the talk with my students and yet still struggle myself whenever I choose to post or email my colleagues.

Will they appreciate the message?

Will it be seen as simple sharing or being pushy?

Will they be annoyed by the “SEND ALL” format, or be empowered to use as they see fit?

These are but a few of the thoughts bouncing along when I’m composing an item to be shared. Why is that??

Regardless, I want to be sure to share some of the awesome things going on out there in the world outside our brick walls. I want to remind our colleagues that we’re not alone. Listening to educators on Monday, discussing the great things going on in their classrooms and hearing the awesome things they want to learn more about, it’s easy for ME to see the connections. And so, what do I do with that information? What good is scanning my Twitter or Facebook feed, reading blogs and participating in webinars and make connections to the work of others, if I keep it all to myself?  (Insert pep talk here)


in a Send All email I put out earlier today, this is the content of my message:

Hey all,

With the work we’re all doing with our 21C goals and plans, I thought I’d share some related resources. October is Connected Educator Month and there are a LOT of webinars and events taking place. As we think about our own learning goals and personalizing our learning in our PLCs, perhaps there is something that connects to your work.

I’ll share some items regularly, with the subject area #CE14 (the hashtag one would use on Twitter to find similar events). Please use as you feel fit-

6 strategies

Here is a link to the Connected Educator site and an introduction of the event as described by my friend Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.

You’ll see that there are events every day of the month. Some are real-time, but any are asynchronous, meaning you can participate when you choose. (I personally also enjoy the infographics and posters that I can use immediately or make me think, such as the one above.)



(NOTE- I received several “thank you” emails immediately following the clicking of “SEND”. Feedback is so important right??)

Again- stay tuned.  🙂


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