Well… almost.

Maybe “Connected Educator Month EVE” is more precise.

While I have a really hard time coming to terms that we are facing the month of OCTOBER (where did Sept. go??), I am VERY excited for the awesome sharing and learning that happens every year during this month. And this year, it couldn’t be more timely. As I work with our school team on our School Improvement Plan, we are taking the learning stance that we will adopt a specific 21st Century goal. This, it so happens, is a direct connection to our BOARD strategic improvement plan, and of course, from the Ministry itself. (The hope, I might add, is that each and every staff member will align this work with individual Annual Learning Plans.

See how this works?

Top-> Down


All Around.

(And sometimes, upside down).

Another reason…

Connected Educator Month couldn’t be more timely… (aside from the obvious, that we are here as educators and requiring the need to connect more than ever, and to make opportunities for our students to do so as well).. but also, there’s this.

I am here, in our 3rd last session of our Principal Qualifications Program Part Deux.  (Yes, the fancy French title is all my own.) In our session, we are talking, planning, digging deeply into what it means to be a Connected Educator. It kind of looks like this:



We are, in our very make-up, the essence of connected educators. We have come together face-to-face over the course of two summers, and are in our second set of synchronous webinars. These are my homies and although we are separated by hundreds of kilometres, we come together through technology to discuss, (tonight) things like being Connected Educators.


stay tuned. I may have accepted a blogging challenge this month.


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