Blogging Challenge- Here we go!

I admit it- It’s taken me longer than I would like to get to this blog post.

And I REALLY want to do it!

So, what gives?

A fellow “northern girl” Donna Fry (@fryed) challenged me last week to this blogging challenge, which has been circulating as a meme near and far. I kinda’ love these things! I love that it focuses a blog, connects others, gives us a glimpse into the writer, and personalizes this sometimes vast PLN of ours. I ALSO love the silliness… that we can post about things that may not necessarily be edtech-based… a topic which seems to be the glue that brings many of us together.

So, without further adieu… the questions, and answers…

1.What was the first “subject area” you studied after high school?

Education! I went straight to Brandon University where I was in one of the last classes of “Concurrent Education”, so I was able to get right into both Arts and Education courses. I continued to take every English course I could- had my first “C” on a paper in first semester and almost had a heart attack- and jumped into student teaching as if it was a co-op placement. (Broke all the rules- I’d had THREE co-op placements in high school, and in spite of Manitoba’s regulations, did every one of my practicum placements outside of Manitoba.)

2. If you could cook anything, what would you cook for supper tonight?

Anything seafood. Hands down.

3. What makes you stop and pause during your day?

Music. I travel a great deal, so music in my life is sporadic, varied and essential. The genre varies, based on my physical location. In my own vehicle, it’s my satellite radio or my iPhone via Bluetooth, (which has more than once been the butt of my friends’ jokes, as my “M” list might be Metallica, Michael Buble, Mozart)… I love taking note of the music in schools and in public offices, and in my office and work vehicles, lately, my radio is most often set to cbc radio. Jian Ghomeshi’s voice always makes me pause.

4. Cats or Dogs?

Both. Have always had both.

(Last week when my shepherd Hank ate a Bible, definitely would have said CAT.)

Quote of the century…

“Lindy, I can’t believe you are choosing a BOY over a cat!?”  (Sister, upon learning the hubs is allergic to cats.)

5. If you could only have only one Pinterest Board, what would the topic be?


Surprises most people more that I do not pin.

6. What was the catalyst that got you blogging in the first place?

While my mom would say “all the world is a stage”, I say “All the World is a blog post!” I think in terms of blogging… I see people in terms of my blog… oh, how I wish I could comment on THAT! It’s kind of become my filter of sorts. And of course, in my diet of professional development, my daily intake of blog content from others is a must.

Why I began blogging, however, is when I was completing a Media Specialist and realized I had a great opportunity to make the platform part of the content. This continues to be the home of my favourite and most frequently-contributed-to blog. Media Madness for sure.

7. What is one (funny) childhood misconception that you had, or that you have experienced with a young child?

My little sister (see dog vs. cat) and my big brother both love music and pop culture. Growing up, Leigha would sing her heart out to anything on the radio, and quote lines from tv shows every day. She lived for this. An outsider would think Bart and Homer were people who lived in our house. (Wait, she had a cat Homer, so in a way, that’s true… I chose to believe it was after the author but who are we kidding?) So the funnies were inevitable when this pop culture lifestyle would lead a little girl to misquote song lyrics.

we would die fortycents, we were merely freshman… come on down, you’re the next text-to-text on the Price is Right!… or-or-orEO, or-oreO! What’s in the middle? The WHITE STUFF!

The tradition continues with my eldest daughter- Fill up my cup- mightaswelltalk!

8. What was your favourite summer job?

Hmmm… I’ve had SO many! I began working when I was 10 at our small-town newspaper, stuffing flyers, and in my entire life since, have had ONE SUMMER when I haven’t worked, taught or  taken courses. (Which is why I DARE someone to chide me for going into education just to take summers off.)  🙂

My favourite summer job was probably the year I ran a small ice cream shop on Main Street in Kenora. A tiny, TINY little cubicle, owned by a family friend; it had two employees, me and my friend Vanessa. We loved watching people on the street, and had only happy customers because, hey, who isn’t happy eating ice cream???

Or maybe it was the year I worked for the Humane Society with my OTHER friend Vanessa, where the entire summer was spent doing research for a project on people’s perceptions of animals… we collected responses based on a highly-scientific method of counting every (5th?) person in the phone book… and phoned, visited, solicited their thoughts and opinions. Admittedly, we spent a LOT of time on decks, on the lake, in people’s cottages… came to work in less-than-stellar work mode, but took the work very seriously most of the time… LOVED that summer with my bestie… also learned much that summer about people and my own perceptions of all things man and nature…

And I would be absolutely remiss to not mention the hundred summers of working at Clearwater Market… where I served in a restaurant, was a cook, pumped gas, counted minnows… back in the day when I asked every customer if I could check their oil, cracked up EVERY time I asked from behind the till “Did you have gas today?”, made literally thousands of sandwiches, hauled 50 lb bags of potatoes to peel for fresh-cut fries, counted cigarettes by the pack and carton, almost cried every time a bus of seniors pulled up for Maple Walnut ice cream, scrubbed urinals, and my all-time favourite- when it was DEAD QUIET in the winter, making up challenges like “sack races around the pumps” or gluing a quarter to the floor to watch others work SO HARD to try to pick it up. #classic  I tried to quit- twice- and was given a raise instead. These summers I would say work WAS my social life, and I loved working 6:30-2:30 so I could spend the rest of the day on the lake… and this is of course where I met my husband. So yes, I guess the market takes the prize as “favourite summer job”.

9. Where do you find flow?

Varies. Love my home. People inspire me, technology enables me to curate and create. Art is a passion. My kayak is my happy place. Fresh air is always ALWAYS good. A quiet lake, forested area or ski trail always clears the woes. Where, when and how it all comes together? Varies.

10. What was one personal challenge you faced in 2013?

This summer I left my brood for two weeks to work on my PQP. Left on July 1st, while my family went to the party at the park, fireworks in the boat… cried most of the way to Thunder Bay and every time they texted me happy pictures. This extended throughout the year as I plot my path in terms of career… ALWAYS the pursuit of balance is at the centre of my work and life. It’s also the first year I have been released from the classroom full time. I love/hate that too. We are in a time of major change in education- It is a challenge and I take it personally!

11. What are YOU passionate about?

The little people in my life. Family Dinners- every night and big, noisy ones with family and friends. Putting students first. Wellness. Human Rights. Literacy. Inspiring young people. Making the world a better place. Music, colour and laughter.

(from today's post...)
(from today’s post…)

 I can’t help but see the resemblance in this graphic to another favourite, that which helps me find flow, a borderline passion…

(pouring a glass of red perhaps?!)

Happy Holidays! What do you think- can I get ELEVEN comments on this post???? Anyone?????


3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge- Here we go!

  1. ahhhhh, I didn’t know the pinterest interest would be “kitchens” – that surprised me!

    But a lovely read for a Tuesday afternoon, when I def needed to take my mind off ….. well just OFF of things that shouldn’t be clouding my mind at 4:11pm.

  2. Hey there @hendylou! Thanks so much for playing!

    I had no idea that you were such a rule-breaker, and I love that you live in the CENTRE of Canada, yet seafood is your dinner!

    Congrats on starting your PQP. Balance is SO hard. I had to drive 10 hours one way every second weekend to do mine – from Marathon – where I was living away from my family, so it meant I would not see them for 2 whole weeks every time I drove down south to do it. But it has opened doors that has opened more doors for them. All worth it, but so HARD! It makes us treasure so very much the time we have with our families.

    Plus my PQP taught me so much about me. It’s made me a better person all around.

    Kitchens, and no pins – both surprises to me too!

    Keep writing – I love reading it!

    All the best in 2014. 🙂

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