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What happens when you give a bunch of grade 1 and 2’s an iPad and access to kidblog?
Magic of course.

With a few minutes taken to create a class list, I went into Sarah Ferguson’s grade 1/2 class to introduce blogs. Sarah had the students sit on the carpet and reflected her iPad to the room’s Apple TV and in ten minutes, we went over the basics to get into the app on their iPads. Three steps:

-find the icon
-enter the class code
-find your name from the drop down menu

As all good teachers do, Sarah demonstrated once, then had the students DO. In partners, students repeated the steps.

Apple TV demo

Monkey See Monkey Do (or …this is how we dooooo it….)

Monkey See Monkey Do (or ...this is how we dooooo it....)

**Insert Rookie Mistake Here**

In typical teacher fashion, the two of us are watching and waiting for all the kiddos to get in the same place at the same time so we can show them the next step.


(sounds of pictures being taken).

“Okay, how many of you are ready…. bwah bwop blah”

(my voice being replayed on various devices)   LOVE it!

Sarah kids ipads

Soon we realize, students are creating posts, snapping pictures, taking video, adding text… without instructions. So, we decide to let them at it.

Your assignment- create a blog post with your partner. Include text and a photo. Your choice of topic. GO.

Buddy Blogs
Buddy Blogs

Within twenty minutes, ALL of the students had two blog posts created, one for each partner, complete with age-appropriate text (a sentence or two), and a photo. They inquired, problem-solved, and learned together.

Some of this sounds too easy, even to me. But it happened. Honest. Just like that.

One of my favourite tidbits of advice given to me by an awesome teacher, is simply “Get outa the way”. This is a perfect example. We don’t see children sitting and waiting for PD to make things happen. They are naturally inquisitive and when we put a device in their hands, they will use it. Sarah is an incredible modeler of inquiry in her classroom, and more than once, I have marveled as I speculate what kind of learners these students will be in two or three or five or ten years. Simply incredible.

This class is planning to continue to use their blogs to document their learning, with a focus on their Communities unit. Stay tuned- they may be looking for some feedback on these blogs very soon… if this is any indication I am probably already behind in sharing that request 😉


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