Imagine This…

I have three daughters and it wasn’t until THIS YEAR that one of them wanted a doll of a Disney Princess.
From the movie Brave, Merida is everything my girls represent: feisty, independent thinkers, spirited, energetic, thoughtful and kind… so when my 9-year-old asked for the movie and my 6-year-old asked for the doll, I considered it.

Now, the Merida controversy is everywhere.

It seems Disney has re-vamped the doll to be somewhat more sexualized, which is upsetting to many and has entered my world through #notbuyingit. You can read more about it here.

I haven’t had a chance to chat with my girls about this- and not sure I want to, to be honest. I feel deflated and discouraged. Why do all of the good action heroes have to be hyper-sexualized? She is a young girl who rides horses, fights for her independence and knows what she wants in life. Does she need to have big boobs to make her likeable?

Anyway, this morning my sister tagged me in this video, which couldn’t come at a better time. In her work with women’s health, she is doing her part to rip to shreds the stereotypes of women, and at the same time, is raising my nieces to appreciate and celebrate their girliness in whatever way they see fit. If the world only saw women and girls for who they are, not what they look like, wouldn’t we be better off?

*This often is the start of an ongoing debate among the women and girls in my life about the validity of wearing school uniforms. I am SO FOR this, and am willing to enter this discussion with anyone… As you can imagine, the 6-12 year olds in our lives have some strong opinions on this topic too!*

So here’s the video, made by some pretty awesome Canadian women. Feel free to use it and credit the brave women who lend a voice to this topic, and celebrate what it really means to be a girl or woman today.    (Thanks, Leo. You make the world a better place.)


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