A Need to Share

Ever have one of those days when there is just SO MUCH crammed in there… Good things… Great things… That when it comes to that magic sweet spot in the evening when you might share it, there’s just nothing left? That was me yesterday. And the day before. In fact, it’s been happening a lot lately. Not only have I not had it in me to blog, I have struggled to tweet. Sometimes, I dare say, there are even few words to speak.

What’s happening is CHANGE.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with our principal group who were asked to spend an unprecedented half day working on and thinking about technology. With our technology consultants, they explored an overview of the upcoming months’ agenda. They were engaged, quiet and attentive. With our in-house tech team, principals were asked to put on their learner first hats and be real about where they are and where they want to go. What happened next was pretty awesome.

Conversation. Anticipation. Processing. Problem-Solving. Articulation.

This was at the end of two full days of meetings, after lunch, and there were still sparks. As I say, awesome.

Today I’m back in the classroom and on Digital Learning Day I made iMovies with my grade 2’s, created public service announcements in our grade 8 media class, and blogged with my Art class to showcase their work. And yet, as I sit here writing this post on my iPhone, in the salon, before heading back to the rink… my mind is on the principals.

Why is it so hard to facilitate change with adults, when our students jump all over it?
What is the optimal wait time to encourage processing but not lose momentum?
How do we acknowledge individual wants, wishes and needs on a large scale?

Yep, so many more questions than answers, and I wonder if I’ve found words which even remotely represent the present situation in all its goodness and greatness. But, what I know for sure, is that change can be difficult. And messy. And sometimes, it makes me run out of words.


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