I seem to be showing up a day late and a dollar short a lot these days. The down-side of returning from a super fun-filled two-week break from teaching is that I seem to feel the need to cram everything I didn’t do into the first two weeks back. Pile on new art assignments right before report cards? SURE! Start a new AQ course? WHY NOT! Sign up a 4th child in extracurricular activities? BRING IT! Agree to another volunteer executive position? YOU BET! Add 4 new teachers to the co-teaching schedule? CHECK! Rescue a not-yet-house-trained puppy? HECK YEA! Sign up for a Massive Open Online Course? DONE!

In spite of the plate seeming like a platter right now, (and my impending burn-out forecasted by my well-meaning boss), I am over-the-top excited about each and every one of these things. It’s a perk of being an over-achiever, apparently. And not needing much sleep. So, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to participate in this #etmooc opportunity. (I love everything about it- self-directed, open, technology & media, connecting with a planet of people on topics most important to what I do? What’s not to love?!) When I saw the first “assignment” is to introduce myself through video, my first thought is that I need to buy a noggin-cam (ala Wayne’s World) to wear when I’m skiing this weekend or when I’m on poop-patrol with new-puppy Hank, because that’s the only way I can find time to make one. Then, I remembered I have one in my back pocket. A video, not a noggin-cam. I do have doggy treats in my pocket too.

So here I am- me and mi vida loca- and technology teacher too.

Animoto- a sometimes-sideways teacher's best friend
Animoto- a sometimes-sideways teacher’s best friend


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