#NotBuyingIt – why we have the power to create change

Here’s what I love about social media-

it is a tool to create change. Positive change. Change that matters to people like me.

What would you do if you saw this card on the shelf of your local store?

Roll your eyes? Pass it by? Push it to the back? Laugh? BUY IT???

A woman in the UK who did NOT see the humour in it, and in fact found the message dangerous and completely inappropriate, sent the following tweet:

According to Miss Representation, a mere six hours later… an apology from Hallmark UK and a promise for retraction of the card from store shelves appeared. So how did that happen?

The power is in the venue… Twitter is a universal platform and using the hashtag #notbuyingit helps. What began with a single person tweeting this message, soon became commonly viewed by anyone following this hashtag… and when we see something we like or don’t like, it tends to spread.

Want to know more about positive messaging for females in mainstream media? Check out Miss Respresentation here: http://www.missrepresentation.org/take-action/



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