Apple PD with Rob

Today we’re spending some time with Rob from Apple (kinda like Joe from Winnipeg). It’s late in the day and as I watch the eyes of the group I see an equal balance of glazed over eyes and eyes wide with wonder.
I’m actually more impressed with the glazed over eyes.
They are saturated.
This is a good thing!

The background 411 is that some of my colleagues here have been pushed -hard- out of their comfort levels. Not only have they embraced their 1:1 technology in their classrooms and shifted their practices, they have leapt whole-heartedly into the role of lead learner.

Shifting… No longer doing what feels right and safe, or what has worked in the past. Shifting, letting go of control of all learning experiences in the classroom.

I am so incredibly proud knowing that as we drive home today, and head back into our classrooms tomorrow, the shift will continue.

Lucky students indeed!



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