Not a DO n DON’T Kinda’ Girl

Possibilities and Pedagogy.

Introducing our learning communities to the world of learning in a 1:1 environment, I feel like at this stage, it is a lot of do’s and don’ts. DO look after your NetBook. DON’T participate in online bullying. DO be sure to catalogue your passwords.  DON’T give out a bunch of private information. This is important stuff. Our students need to know this, and teachers want us to share it. However, as we take this road show school to school, I have this sense that something just isn’t right.

And then it hits me, like a telepathic plea from teachers as everyone comes down from their roll-out high…

                  Now What?

So we have the technology, now what?

Duh. THIS is my job. Forget that, THIS is my PASSION. “Learning happens now.” That’s what I want to say. “The game changes. You will never be the same!!!” (Okay,even I know what would happen if I were to shout that out in the hallways. Balmertown, ON would be locking those Golden city gates and keeping me out.)

But my fear is this… Students and teachers returning to their same old agendas.

We know that it is scary. With great privilege comes great responsibility. Simply managing all of this equipment can be overwhelming, never mind taking time to learn the tool… So how do we get to the good stuff? (Parents, by the way, fear the opposite. Students will be on Facebook, watching YouTube videos or, shocker of all shocks, playing GAMES all day long.) And so the balancing act begins.

I heard one of my colleagues say, “You know that stuff you did in the computer lab? Start there. Do that on your NetBook.” Maybe that is a good starting place.

But more over, I think we can expect change. Certainly our Director and Trustees would expect this. But so should we. Individualizing and personalizing our education is one of the best outcomes to being connected. Creating our own learning environment is possible. Problem-solving through game play and thinking critically about media messages are learning opportunities too.

So I guess what I want to say is, yes, I will proudly be part of the policy-making and message in a positive way the usage issues regarding equipment, because I am aware of the process. But for me, the big picture, is the world of POSSIBILITY. I am so excited to share in this journey with our students and teachers as they too become passionate about possibility.


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