Food Friday- aka “What I’m Reading”

Printerkiller Cup Of Tea Clip ArtThis is the last Friday of Summer Vacay. I awake and stumble into the kitchen, hitting the button on the kettle for a morning cup of tea… reaching simultaneously for my flashing Blackberry and iPad.

Sitting down with my steaming mug, I first respond to a text and an email regarding yesterday’s work with colleagues on Technology User Agreements for our 1:1 policies. I note a few changes to make in the document and plan to convert it to a Google Doc before day’s end.

Next, I pop onto Facebook where, scrolling through my newsfeed, I find a reflective article called “What is Education For?” This gets me thinking, really thinking about tweaking my back-to-school intro letter and blog post. These ideas were already milling around my brain, and like most food for thought, the article gives them energy, and puts the ideas in motion.  I type the link in my FB profile’s “Share Something” box I have a few “Likes” within the first half-hour.

As my belly begins to growl (this is new, by the way… I’m re-teaching said tummy how to accept food before 10 a.m.); I am reminded of a conversation on the lake with my bookclub on Monday about the power of food and a shift in thinking, so I share this page with my friend Janna. (And make a mental note to see if we have bacon in the freezer.)

Glancing at the clock (daughter 1 on the ice at 7 a.m.), I check in with a few sources of information on our Collective Agreement and share this article on my brother-in-law’s wall. (It is the name of this bill that gets me the most- Putting Students First. The implied message makes my hungry tummy turn. 😦 )

Scanning to Twitter, I’m immediately gratified with a tweet from @web20classroom  sharing “Good morning! The best we can do is prepare. Our opportunities will come. Be awesome today!” , and others sharing blog posts such as @shannoninottawa’s  “It’s More Important to Be Kind than Clever” from the Harvard Business Review. On the journey I come across a beautiful summary of Appreciative Inquiry from MindTools, which I tweet with hashtags for my Connected Coach group and throw in a twitter handle for a colleague or two to be sure it comes their way. Sometimes I read and comment, sometimes I retweet, sometimes I just read. This is all part of my PLN. And it turns out, accompaniment for a morning cup of tea.

(The PLP Network is doing a series about a day in the life of a connected educator. I don’t know about that- this is just a few minutes in my pre-rink run on the last Friday of summer holidays. But, I bet as some read that first line about grabbing my tech devices in my first few conscious moments, there was some judgment…)

In between the posts and tweets, I also text a couple people about plans for the day- we organize which lake we will swim in today, a time to head into the school for a brief meeting, a tent drop off for friends who will be camping on an island, and organize a barbecue with friends and family for the weekend. I glance at a couple favourite online shopping sites, and while a document is loading I check in with a magazine beside me for a recipe for kids’ lunches. By all accounts, I am making the most of my last Friday of summer holidays.

Of course, I could choose to blog about any ONE of these topics. I am passionate about a great many things, and this information, what I consume, share and create, is part of who I am. I am not defined by technology, but I certainly respect its role is shaping my ideas, character, customs, goals and dreams.

And now, as my tummy responds to the stimulation of seeing images of food and all I can think of is bacon, as the other chickadees in the family begin to stir, and the sun warms my upper deck, I’m ready to start my day.


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