Leading Change

I woke up this morning actually, literally, grinning. In my semi-conscious mindset, I was thinking about how to support our principals with an educational shift in the coming months. It seems in my half-awake state I have far fewer distractions, and the clarity of my thoughts is much improved.

See, I’ve been going about it all wrong. I’ve been thinking instead “how am I going to support the use of technology?”, to which the flow of replies in my head immediately goes to the overwhelming NUMBERS and NEGATIVITY. It’s something I’ve been struggling with since our “okay” from trustees to go ahead with a k-12 1:1 program… and it turns out, that when asked this way, the question is unanswerable. The problem in my thinking is two-fold.

1. “I” is not an option. (Failure is… although that is another blog post all together!) I’ve been thinking an awful lot about my own role in this technology plan. I’ve been thinking about the emphasis placed on my role as a technology teacher and coach, and how I create a schedule where I can meet the needs of ALL of the teachers, students, principals and families this technology plan is going to impact. One of me. Seven schools, students age 3-20, staff as well.


No need to point out the flaw in this thinking.

2. I have been thinking (planning, re-organizing, fretting and occasionally panicking) about the use of technology. When I break down the components (use of equipment- including netbooks, SMART Boards, teacher laptops and tablets, professional development, pedagogy, content & curriculum, programming and web apps), it all seems somewhat overwhelming. The eternal optimist in me is celebrating the success and giddy to think about the expansion, while the realist in me has identified the numbers and lofty expectations of touching upon all of these areas as Mission Impossible.

Back to my focussed half-awake thoughts.

Together we’re better. None of us is as strong as all of us. How can we support the principals in this educational shift?

I began a Venn Diagram in my mind, of the overlapping nature and the highlights of our work ahead. It includes some great GEMS including resources, sources, successful first steps and a global network of those who have gone before us. We are not alone… nor are we stepping out on this journey in an isolated manner.

So, as sometimes happens, my thinking becomes action and my search leads me to just the right place.(I love when that happens!)  In the silence of the morning, I brewed my tea while watching videos. I made banana bread while reading articles. I began to collect the resources to support my thinking. I put the thinking into words and shared it with others. And while 5 sleepy children awake the I becomes “we” and the summer morning has a new feel. It’s taken almost two full weeks to get out of full-on school mode, but the energy is brand new.

I promised to chronicle this journey, but realize there too is the daunting ‘I”. WE need to chronicle the journey. I happen to have some spectacular colleagues who are just as excited about what is on the horizon. We have students, families, staff and leaders who are feeling many of the same reservations and trepidations, but also excitement and anticipation. And, as a Connected Coach, it turns out there is another whole community at my side to officially obliterate that ‘I” thinking.

Stay tuned for the updates!

(Fresh banana bread tastes so much better on a freshly pressed blog post.)


One thought on “Leading Change

  1. Lindy,
    Banana bread is one of my favorites too!

    Hmm, good reason for your smiling with your shifting thinking from “I” to “we”; how incredible powerful that can be — the collaboration and working together.

    Wondering if you might share how you see our coaching obliterating that “I” lens too?

    Loving reading,

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