The Kids are Alright

Quick update from the blogosphere in Room 306-

 My grade 5’s are THIS CLOSE to reaching their Hundred Blog Challenge!

Students have been asked to post a class total of one hundred blog posts using, a child-friendly and safe program for individual student blogs. We’ve been exploring ways to “shzoosh up” our posts with images, links, videos, and voice clips as well. The work is incredible, and I am so pleased to have one hundred percent engagement.

So what makes blogging so great? In their 10-year-old words, writing their own blog:

“makes writing a journal more fun”

“helps me organize my thinking”

“makes me want to tell a story”

“is a good way to showcase my work”

“makes me think more about what I’m writing and who might comment on my work”

Sounds good to me!  So the next step… a BLOG PARTY!

Then, we’ll continue to dig deeper with quality blog comments on one another’s posts, as well as prepare for the next step of challenging family members to view and comment on student blogs.  STAY TUNED for links to student blogs here!


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