Digital Footprints

Sometimes I want to preserve “tech things” in a non-tech way. Like taking a cast print of a dinosaur (or our pet dog, so we can discuss it in class), or printing an infographic on actual paper to put on my bulletin board.
The balance between tech and traditional is a constant in my life. As I was gardening (also known as pulling out the dead to make room for the living), I was reflecting on the signs of spring and decided it might be time to get my own kids set up on their own blogs, so they can create and document and share their own unique perspectives. (And of course, the immediate thought that followed is that we’d need to screen capture and print their blogs, to send to their great grandmother who is not online at all.)

So in a flash, here is a caption of today’s app-du-jour…
“What About Me?”,  Intel’s infographic which blends some of my favourite social media sites. And the question-of-the-day is… does this really represent me?

A snapshot of my digital footprint- today.


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