Tech Teacher and Mega Mom

I was asked (again) “What is a typical day as a Technology Teacher?“, and yet again, I caught myself suppressing a snicker.

 Let me back up- I made a resolution this month,  to blog at least once a week. As all good resolutions go, this one was derived out of guilt, and was a direct result of obligatory “walk the talk” thinking. (After all, can I really ask my teachers how their blogs are going if I’m not active on my own?) So. Following a Worst Week Ever (1) re-cap in my mind, I snickered at the question, as my internal dialogue snorted “TYPICAL??!”.

So I backed up.

I’ve been meaning to blog on this topic. Problem is, I keep waiting for a typical day.

Do I start with what my schedule is SUPPOSED to look like? Do I start with a job description? Do I consider the audience?  😉 What the heck, let’s start with YESTERDAY(2)


Set up for a webinar meeting with Marc from Pearson, our e-text representative. Intermediate teachers to attend at 9 a.m. Skype rings, assume it’s him, surprised instead with smiley-faced aunt in Roatan, Honduras. She’s checking up on my progress with my Creative Memories Digital Storybook (scrapbook gift for my ten-year-old daughter, whose birthday was in August). We chat, I admire her tan, and are interrupted by colleague in my doorway to see who is chatting during Oh Canada. (That would be me.)

– Set up conference with dual platform (Skype and WebEx). Colleagues arrive.  Set up teachers with logins, orientation, first steps for implementation of e-text pilot. Notable moments include many a-ha’s, discussions of present units of study, forecasting of trouble-shooting.  Next steps: I will co-teach in classrooms, set up students, plan for collaboration within school and outside PLC groups.

RUN OUTSIDE FOR JUNIOR PLAYGROUND DUTY mid-discussion as my participants have supply teacher coverage… I do not…. RUN and make it just in time.

Finish up webinar, provide time for planning and subsequent questions for participants. We work through an entire media unit and have moments to spare to plan the dance numbers for upcoming musical.

P.M. –

Provide SMART Board training in same room immediately following webinar, to different set of colleagues. Excellent session by all accounts. Good dialogue, various entry points (participants vary from teachers of kindergarten, Fine Arts and Intermediate), and we still manage to cover basic tools, use, and some tricks to make you look smart.

(SHORT BREAK- RUN again to store downtown to exchange daughter’s ski pants (didn’t fit) and pick up ribbon to sew on other daughter’s skating costume for regional competition this weekend… NOTE- MUST REMEMBER MILK ON WAY HOME- message-to-school-about-competition-pick-up-milk-let-dog-out-get-mail-before-Friday-order-that-scrapbook-print-last-report-card-comments-grab-medicine-for-dog-call-babysitter-for-PDDay-oh-yea-and-eat)

SMART Board PD continued… highlights as we wrap up are plenty of next steps and follow-up questions, shared experiences across division and teaching areas, and a renewed excitement to plan a unit with IWB technology. Personal glory– during the entire SMART trainings a variety of messages pop up on the screen from my grade 5 class regarding shared Google Docs for their science experiments, requests to approve blog posts, and notices of completed glogs. (No, I don’t close my email during these presentations. Instead I celebrate when said students send me things- oh, how I love and miss them!)

As the session wraps up, my colleague asks me about the other resolution I made- to take my scheduled prep time– DARN. Missed that again.

As the school day ends I quickly re-group- what day is it? Which kid is at what activity? Where do I need to be? I find I have the bases covered and sit down to report cards. Miraculously I AM on schedule- the one I made the day before- for subject areas and Learning Skills… in order to be completed by Friday. I pull out the Arts curriculum and am on a role- cover the level 3 comments for Art, Drama and Dance. Next, Level 3 Science. Lots of post-its to remind me to do the other levels… retrieve the progress report comments to share with my teaching partner, find her and actually give them to her… and then run out the door.

(Flip on cape to Mom Mode and so the day continues…)

Evening- (post-bedtime) PLP and tea time! Each evening I spend an hour (or 3) gathering resources, ideas, thoughts… platforms are mostly but not limited to Twitter, Facebook and Diigo. (I can’t say enough how criticial this is to my professional development and connectedness.) At this time I also have a laugh or two at my own expense- what did I forget today? what are my friends up to? what vacation/shoepurchase/techdevice would I splurge on if I could?  And when all the devices are turned off, a good book and my boyfriend George put me to sleep.

—    —    —   — ____()____—  —   —   —


(1.) “worst week ever” was last week, and not at all professionally-based. They say comedy= tragedy + time. Still need “time” before that becomes a blog post!

(2.) Couldn’t begin with a re-cap of today as I did not work at work today. Instead am writing this in between cleaning up toomanykids vomit due to flu, and participating in #ctchat and #OntCL chats on Twitter. It’s not a typical day… well, yea, it kind of is.


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