Student-based Anti-bullying Messages

Good morning,

I love that are some really awesome anti-bullying pieces being created by Intermediate students. This started out as a short email to share some resources with my Intermediate colleagues, but I thought perhaps they are worth sharing here as well.


Ontario Premier “It Gets Better”


This one is a 30-second clip made by a grade 8 student on the use of the word “gay”.



A neat 3-minute clip on what happens when lesbians raise a child:

Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got



From the NoH8 campaign, a PSA on LGBT bullying with a tonne of celeb endorsements:


The music on this one is very powerful- a short video showing bullying which leads to suicide- also a student- created PSA


On posting photos (or anything) on the Internet- so many creepers

Taking a stand (from Our grade 5 class did a little skit with this and the soundtrack for Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”

If you are wanting to connect any of these to media expectations the following would be useful:

(Intermediate Overall Expectations)

Students will:

1. demonstrate an understanding of a variety of media texts;

2. identify some media forms and explain how the conventions and techniques associated with them are used to create meaning;

3. create a variety of media texts for different purposes and audiences, using appropriate forms, conventions, and techniques;

4. reflect on and identify their strengths, areas for improvement, and the strategies they found most helpful in understanding and creating media texts.

 (or specifically)


  • identify who produces various media texts and determine the commercial, ideological, political, cultural, and/or artistic interests or perspectives that the texts may involve
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation and treatment of ideas, information, themes, opinions, issues, and/or experiences in media texts
  • explain why different audiences might have different responses to a variety of media texts

And lastly, the key concepts of media literacy:

1.       All media are construction

2.       Media construct reality

3.       Audiences negotiate meaning

4.       Media have commercial implications

5.       Media contain ideological and value messages

6.       Media have social and political implications

7.       Form and content are closely related in the media

8.       Each medium has its unique aesthetic form.


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