Tales from the CyberSide

My job never had a job description. At least not until I created one. So on days when there is a lot of tail-chasing going on, I remember to look back at what I wrote.  I recently had one of those days, and reminded myself of this as I, just now, reflected on the day’s work.

9 – 11:30 E-learning workshop at the high school. Assortment of participants, with varying backgrounds and experience working with the LMS. Take-aways include some tricks and treats, resource sharing with a secondary teacher colleague, and another contact for problem-solving some accessibility issues.

12-1:30- PLC – junior division. We focused on the work in our Media classes, (grade 4 and 5) with technology-based goodies on the SMART Board, laptops, and a variety of webtools. Great community (our dream team so-to-speak). Work is directed toward sharing next week with our Australian visitors.

1:30- quick bite to eat and visit with the smiling faces from all of our schools present at the junior volleyball tournament. Wiped some tears, found a pair of runners, and lots of cheering and hugs for all of my little people. Then, up to the classroom to ensure the supply teacher is comfortable with today’s Math lesson, the SMART Board, and how to do attendance on paper.

2- 3:30 PLC – intermediate division… x’s 2. Media focus with four teachers, co-planning, co-teaching… Integrated technology with The Hunger Games novel study… introduction to Prezi in the Fine Arts room… sharing of PD resources… focussed discussion on marker students. (In this time I also took a phone call from the representative for our e-texts supplier, where we went over each of the class lists, teacher needs, and scheduled support for implementation of e-texts in all of our 4-8 classrooms. A necessary planning session which unfortunately over-lapped the PLC, but my team was in great hands with our Literacy Coach.)

3:30-4:45- By grade and division, working through the next steps of the PLC schedule, digital citizenship and media support for each classroom. E-mail returns, blog comment approvals, resource shares, equipment repairs, and triage of requests for information and support… in lieu of regularly-scheduled Tech Tuesday workshop.

Is this a reflection of my work as a Technology Teacher? Yes indeed. Is this the work of a working “coach” model? I think so. Do my colleagues feel supported? Did I do justice to their requests for information/ my time/ my ear or shoulder/ my “expertise”? Hart to say.  I hope so. Do I have next steps for the following day? Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip… so my secret auction-loving-self would say.

And here in the north the sun is down, the other role slips back into priority… mom… for the next few hours. Media specialist work will come after dishes, and with any luck a burn on the treadmill before bed in an attempt to balance out the screens and digital life.

So, to Katie, a colleague who asked me in September, “What does a day in the life of a tech coach look like?”

There you are.

Sorry for the late reply.     🙂


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