You are what you Tweet

This past week I have been on the road again with one of my favourite travel partners at ECOO (now known as #ECOO11) in Toronto. Thursday started off with a great keynote address and was a whirlwind of workshops on both Thursday and Friday, and a Face-off like no other with all-things-web 2.0. (More on that later!)

My status on Facebook says it all “being at a tech conference isn’t just Disneyland for Geeks- it’s also the best place for multi-taskers who are not only given the okay but EXPECTED to tweet, email, converse f2f and change the world, in 60 minute sessions”.

As a learner, I MUST do something with my hands. With the exception of church on Sundays, I most often have some form of artwork or technology in my hands when I’m on the listening end of learning. In university and staff meetings, I often found myself hiding those doodles out of obligation and guilt. I confess pure enjoyment of my Blackberry as a welcome and somehow more socially-accepted alternative. So, for me, to scan of the room full of techno-savvy professional learners, equipped with all-things-tablet/ phone/ laptop… and to be challenged to use these immediately…


The connection is made!

I have encouraged my students to learn this way for the past two years, and FINALLY, I can do the same!

To be asked to share a google doc at the on-set, to problem-solve the connectivity issues, to share face-to-face, and to collaboratively create group names and game-changing mottos…

(and NOT hide the tech tools)

I instinctively shared the process on Twitter.  The second revelation- so did everyone else.

With the simple use of a hashtag… #ecoo11…. the conference took on a whole new depth. A colleague looked over my shoulder and commented,”you do that well”, to which my immediate thought in reply was all that high school note-passing really pays off.

So, when asked to consider our game-changing motto, I decided to accept the challenge to walk-the-talk and tweet away.  (Similarly, @taniasterling came up with “You are what you share”… a further-reaching, all-encompassing statement that is perfectly suited to my media guru. And- welcome to blogville to you, Tania!)

Twitter allows me to dig deeper, store thoughts and comment on the issue at hand… while seeing others do the same.  What a game-changer.

As I un-pack from the travels and prepare for the week ahead, I find myself in both consolidation and anticipation of the work ahead. I’m certain there is plenty more to come in terms of posts on the work of the past week (and the one ahead), and I look forward to seeing the reflections of my fellow Tweeps as they do the same.

(In case you were wondering, I am playing with two other game-changing mottos… World-Wide-Whisper (on my subtle-yet-global comments), and also, my cape is in the wash.




One thought on “You are what you Tweet

  1. Great post – I am amazed at how teachers are creating wide PLNs over twitter . It’s great to see them interacting with people they would never be around if we relied upon face-to-face PLNs. The spreading of knowledge and creation of new meaning is incredible.

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