On the Road to Specialization

As I begin the final leg on the journey to obtaining my Media Literacy Specialist qualifications, I find myself in a comfortable place. Many of us have worked together previously, and the format is now seldom a barrier. Learning online is a great way to work if you have a busy family and work life- and today, I wonder who doesn’t?

In search of quality resources to share with colleagues, “classmates” and my students, I come across a large number of items. The question of the day seems to be: What is the best way to store, retrieve and access ALL of these great websites, web tools, and print resources? Presently I use Diigo with a couple of groups, including media and our technology teacher team for our school board. This works well within the framework of online resources, and I have become reliant on the comments of others to give me just that little bit of overview and opinion.

I also use Twitter, which is increasingly beneficial as the circle of friends broadens to include brilliant minds who are doing amazing things. Turns out, they’re not all educators, but come from many walks of life. As we blog, followers also become important in connecting to that online community.

On the note of great resources then, here is a link to a gem shared with me by my Vice Principal.

http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.com/ is a Media Specialist Guide for those of us looking to read/chat/learn/share on the topic of media literacy in the school. What I love most about finds such as this, is that I can explore at my own pace and enhance my professional development online, whether on my break at school, while I make dinner for my kids, or late at night in my p.j’s. (And again I ask, how could I EVER learn otherwise?)

So to my colleagues on the Specialist Journey with me, Thanks and Here We Go Again!!!



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