Are YOU full of AWESOME??

Spent the day with my fellow Technology Teachers at Open Roads School in Dryden, ON. The three of us are in a wonderful position, chartering new ground with our netbook implementation, in our respective schools, in lots of classrooms.

Funny how a meeting can actually make you energized.  😉

At present we are “rolling out” the laptops to our students in grades 4-8, where they will work on the same laptop throughout their grades, until they head to highschool.  What’s cooler than that?

Honestly, the energy in THOSE rooms is palpable. Opening a sealed box, which contains a laptop for your own use, never been touched by another student… going through the first powering on, installing software, NAMING it…

who would have thought this would be the face of learning???

So we began with a “where we are” sharing in this meeting today, and it began to sink in. We’re actually doing this. In classrooms other than our own, in LOTS of classrooms… and there is no turning back.  And so far, it’s working.

We have a lot of work ahead. We have already spent a good amount of time problem-solving and there will most definitely be walls we’ll have to climb along the way.  But it took the words of another “guest” to our meeting to reinforce the awesomeness in our reality.

“I know it is a lot of work and time that you are taking above and beyond to help teachers move into “2011” teaching.  Take to heart that your sharing and effort will be affecting more than just the students you have in front of yourselves everyday but also all the students in the school this year and in their future.  You are the catalyst that will change hundreds of student’s schooling, engagement in classes, improve their learning and improve student achievement.  That is amazing!!”  (Thanks R.H.!)

So finally, a little gem I came across this evening- and a blog worth keeping an eye on:

With technology at our disposal, we CAN implement media connections at our fingertips and in a timely manner. Digital citizenship is a great starting place in all of our classrooms. Self-identity is always in style.

So today, we will aspire to find that younger self who indeed is “full of awesome!”, and share that with one another and our students, and surely there is unlimited potential for a wave of awesomeness.


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