Junior Connections

New classroom assignment- grade 4/5!
What an exciting opportunity to share the technology and media connections with a younger age group.
We’ll be sure to share some of our work as we look at our technology “roll out”…
Each student in our school from grade 5-8 will be working with their very own Netbook laptop; with the use of SMART technology the class has many new beginnings. I’m anxious to see the similarities and differences from working with Intermediate students.


One thought on “Junior Connections

  1. Update-
    straight grade 5 class of eighteen students.
    What a treat!

    I introduced Bitrstrips this week… totally unsure what to expect from 9- and 10-year-olds… how much explicit instruction and hand-holding would be required to create an avatar?

    Quel Surprise!
    Within 40 minutes- from intro to bell- EVERY student had an avatar for our class picture.
    LOVE IT!

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